I recently got a package sent back to me after repair. I didn't know it came three times.

No door tags at all. The website showed it came on Friday. I waited it the ENTIRE day. No show.

I called. The CR insisted it wouldn't be sent over again. I had to pick up a kiosk. I told her I don't have a car.

She didn't listen. I had to see if the location can be reached by public transport. She told me to take metro. There is no metro in this city.

I figured out the downtown location wasn't too bad. I requested to send it to there. I checked the Fedex webpage that the downtown location was closed. I asked the CR three times about if it was open.

She insisted that it was open and her information was updated. I didn't argue anymore and accepted as what it was- to pick up at downtown Tuesday after Labor day.

My friend drove me to the downtown location. The store was indeed closed.

It said the packages were redirected to another kiosk. I called the other kiosk. It said they didn't have it. I needed to call the 1-800 number.

Th person kept saying sorry but no more deliveries and I have to pick it up at a facility of nowhere TOMORROW BEFORE 6PM or else it would send back to the sender. The CR complained me just saying things back and fro. They never tried to help me. They said they provided the information I needed that is enough.

The CR wanted to hang up the phone. I replied you could hang it up but I am writing it online that you hang up the phone without addressing the customer's issue. I wasted 1 hour on the road and another hour on phone. Now, I got punished to pick up my package middle of nowhere.

Is it my fault?? I waited for a day. I went to downtown as instructed. Now, FedEx said I had to go where they told me at the designated time they told me.

Do you think it is fair? Disclaimer: I don't have a car.

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