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My 2 most recent dealings with FedEx: shipping a package for the law office I work for by priority overnight on Saturday, to arrive by Monday at noon. Crucial that it arrived on time but we couldnt ship it any earlier.

Was guaranteed delivery by the FedEx person who took the package, "no problem". It arrived on Tuesday afternoon. Tried to get through to FedEx to find out what happened and get reimbursed for the extra money spent on priority overnight delivery and got disconnected after a 30-minute wait by the person who answered the phone as soon as I started talking. The other event was receiving a delivery.

They changed the delivery the day of the delivery to the next day, but no one was going to home in the morning so I called and was told "no problem", will be delivered after 1:00. It was delivered at 9:00 a.m. A $400 package and they left it in front of my apartment in a bad neighborhood. No signature was required by the shipper, they said.

My husband had to walk out of his doctor's appointment to go home and get it. I have found this to be very typical. They make promises they can't keep, they are almost impossible to get on the phone due their phone maze that hangs up on you and are full of excuses or just disconnect you when you complain about their terrible service and they don't have email for U.S.

customers, but do for other countries. Go with UPS or USPS, at least you'll save money.

User's recommendation: Use UPS or USPS.

Preferred solution: Try getting it correct. Don't leave a $400 package at the door hours before the scheduled delivery when no one is home. Don't say you can deliver on Monday by noon "guaranteed" and then deliver on Tuesday. Get a better phone system & an email. Idiots..

FedEx Cons: Late delivery, Rescheduling delivery on the day of delivery, Not following delivery instructions re when someone will be home, Leaving packages at the door against express instructions, Worst phone customer service and no email to customer service.

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