I have been waiting around all day for a FedEx delivery; 10hrs. They called and left two messages on my phone that my package was on the local delivery truck and going to be delivered today and someone needed to be there to sign for it.

The FedEx tracking website also confirmed the package was on the truck out for delivery and gave today's date and it read this way all weekend. This is the third time this year I have had this exact same lousy, waste of time, experience. After waiting around all day they never show up. They suck; they lie; they mislead; and they suck some more.

I would rather they told me the truth so I wouldn't wait around all day and lose a days work for nothing. Bastards. If I could I'd wish them into the corn field I would. We on the receiving end would like to tell them what they can do to themselves.

Having said that in this day and age with electronics, gps and tracking bar codes being as they are, there is no good reasons why a sophisticated company like FedEx couldn't give a consumer on the recieving end some sort of idea when their delivery truck might manage to drop by.

I will say this; UPS has done a better job of communicating and truth-telling in regard to delivery from my experience over the past several years. Oh, did did I forget to mention that "FedEx Sucks".l

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Richmond, Virginia, United States #928749

I have had the same problem several times with Fedex. I sign up for email tracking notices every time.

The last 3 shipments I was waiting for where vendors used Fedex ended up exactly the same. I receive an email around 11:30am stating the package had been delivered to my door. In fact, the package is delivered around 7:00PM the same day.

That's just outright misleading and dishonest. I'm sure it makes their average delivery statistics look really nice but it's a lie.


UPS is better because UPS has a union.

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