Fedex website says they delivered my package to my front porch. No such luck, I had someone here all day to take delivery.

Checked all my neighbors and the streets behind me and in front of me. No delivery. I have talked to numerous people at FedEx and get the same answer from them all, they are so sorry but they don't know what happened. They are going to check and get right back to me.

Have yet to hear from any of them. They are so irresponsible. They do not own their own delivery trucks and do not hire their drivers. The trucks are owned by independent contractors that drive their own trucks or hire their own drivers.

FedEx has no responsibility for these people.

They work long hours for low pay and no benefits.

They are always looking for other jobs to make a living. No wonder FedEx has such a bad delivery satisfactory rate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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