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Fedex is refusing to deliver my package because they've made 3 attempts. Even though, I called and told them when I'd be home.

I left notes on my door for the delivery man. I took off half a day of work so I could be home all afternoon at the time/day I told them. They were rude and they ignored me. They just kept showing up at times they knew I would not be home.

Now I must drive to Fedex to get my package, I'll pass several USPS offices on the way. Yes, I must go pick up what I paid to have delivered. They do not have to deliver they only have to attempt.

That's what I was told. How do they stay in business like this?

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Marina Del Rey, California, United States #706038

Do you really expect drivers to run their routes around your schedule? Do you have any idea how many places they have to go to.

Do the airlines run their schedules around yours? It's not a catering service.

I've had people demand I deliver at 8 at night. Really!

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