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FedEx lets your package sit in their distrbution centers 2-3 days at each stop. They wste time money and fuel sending a package back and forth axcross the country and states.

Their so called Smart Post is a joke, as it only tells you 1-2 days after the package has been sent somewhere. Eevn if you count a Sunday and a Holiday, why doesd it take 9 days to go from West Virginia to WIsconsin, or worse yet, why does it take 7-10 days to go from the East side of Wisconsin to the West side of Wisconsin?

How any company could use this terrible service is beyond me. I will no longer do business with anyone who uses FedEx.

When UPS tells you it is going to be is.

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FedEx is the worse! We had a package that was suppose to be delivered to us on Friday 7/23, it was shipped from Canada on 7/15 with its destination of New Jersey.

We have been tracking the package and last update on line was 7/21 it was leaving Oregon. We have been calling FedEx customer service daily and each time we speak with an agent we're told a different delivery date and no one seems to know where the package is while it's in transit. Some of the agents say we can pick up our package at the terminal and other agents say we can't. Not sure why it would take 13 days for package to get from Canada to NJ?

Or why it would take 7 days to get from Oregon to NJ.

Will never ever use FedEx again!


Totally agree. A shipment to me is taking 9 days to come from Pennsylvania.

I LIVE in Pennsylvania. In tracking, it has gone from Pennsylvania, to Maryland, and now is making its way through West Virginia.

Just to come back to Pennsylvania. Makes no sense at all.


I completely agree. I had two boxes shipped to me through fedex and it was the slowest service I've ever gotten.

The first one was supposed to be 2 day shipping, they haven't delivered it after 5 days. The second one, it was ground and it's taking week and a half.

Tracking is completely useless because they barely update it or the package is just sitting most of the time. Why use Fedex when USPS does a better job?

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