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Tracking shows my package (which was due to go from Ireland to Cambridge, arriving by 6pm today; International Priority Service) in Paris at 5:50pm. I am waiting for the sonic boom heralding the plane which can get it from Paris to Cambridge in the next ten minutes.

It's nice that my package has had an outing to France, but it would have been even nicer if it had got to me on time.

Dear FedEx - why do you so consistently fail to meet my low expectations?

Why is DHL so much better? Why are you still in business?

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@cnl: Actually, DHL is NOT funded by FedEx. There were discussions back in 2008 that FedEx was thinking about buying DHL from Deutsche-Post...

but they couldn't, because Deutsche-Post is 50% owned by the German government, and the government wasn't selling.

Having said that... Does Anonymous know what happened to the package BEFORE it got to Paris?

I work for Dell doing on-site service and support, and sometimes a part is a day late because a truck broke down or something else happened that is beyond FedEx's ability to control. One time, a part was even delayed by a week due to a TRAIN DERAILMENT.

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