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My next day fedex shipment was picked up in Charlotte North Carolina and shipped to Memphis TN. It was then sent back to Charlotte the following day.

The package was then sent to Newark NJ and then to the locale FedEx distribution center, where it should have been put on a truck and delivered to my office. This did not happen, my package was sent back to Charlotte NC. When I called them the day it should have arrived by 10:30 am ( next day air} the customer service rep could not give me any information about my shipment but gave me a reference number and promised someone would call me within the next two and a half hours. This did not happen, I called FedEx again the next morning.

The rep I spoke to put me on hold and w as then transferred to a customer satisfaction survey before disconnecting my call. I called them back and told the rep my problem and that I needed that package today , the rep told me " that is not going to happen". I was called latter by FedEx and told the package would come on Monday { 3 days late }. Now I know FedEx does not give a crap about my once a week delivery but I do, my employees that did not get their paychecks on Friday but will need to wait until Monday to get their checks {Monday is a holiday, MLK birthday) so they can not cash that check until Tuesday.

Many of my employees if not all live paycheck to paycheck. My business sends aides to the homes of senior to care for them. When my employees do not have money to pay for public transportation to get to their jobs, I need to get them there either by me doing the transport or Uber. Hopefully I do not loose any personnel due to this.

As I said before I don't believe FedEx cares about that once a week package from my small business. They may care if the company that sent my package makes a complaint. That company is one of the largest banks in the U.S. and I called them and made a complaint.

I also told them I would be ending my relationship with them because of FedEx. That I will do my payroll with a company that prints my checks locally and uses a locale carrier. This bank is going to loose thousands of dollars of my business because of FedEx.

Maybe if the bank gets enough complaints or loose enough revenue, they switch to the guys with the brown truck. FedUp with FedEx

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Next Day Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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