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They couldn't send my boxes to the address in LA on the labels, instead, sent them to a VACANT address in TN and left over $1600 worth of stuff sitting, waiting to be stolen.

I just happened to drive by that vacant address, saw my boxes sitting there.

Picked them up, took them to another address, called FedEx who ASSURED me someone would be there by 5. They lied again.

Drove them 6 miles to a FedEx office, the guys there REFUSED to accept them. Instead, they placed them in the parking lot !

Don't waste your time calling Carmen in their executive office, the concepts of apology and restitution are foreign to her.

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On 6/17/11 Ralph Williams, a fed-ex driver in Huntington Beach Califorina, broke the law when he gave unsolicited investment advice without a licence while picking up a package. Rather than picking up the package as instructed, he proceeded to inquire as to the nature of the parcel, an investment and papers there of, and give recomendations on what to do.

When I received a call from the concerned client with the package about this, he took over the phone and began to make defaming remaks and speculation regarding this private business matter. Shocked and amzed that some black guy with probably no more than a high school education was in the someone's house giving unsolicited investment advice on something he knew nothing about was the biggest shock yet.

Just another sign of mental midgets in the entitlement sticking their nose where it doesn't belong. Truly amazing for a business owner who has spent thousands with this courier.

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