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Today, June 17, 2014 a delivery truck parked/ backed up all the way to my garage door, sitting on driveway. Never in 25 years that I live here any delivery truck Fedex or UPS or Rooms to go or Kanes came all the way up to a garage door.

I asked a lady , she said she did not think of it, just want to make a delivery and turn and go back out from my street. She did say "sorry".

Those trucks are very heavy and can damage our driveways. We are restricted community and cannot park our own big vehicles in driveway.

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... Sometimes we have to use driveways of houses we aren't delivering to to turn around.

Sometimes there are no other options. We can't exactly do a u-turn in the middle of the street. I'm sure the driver had no idea you can't park large vehicles in your own driveways.

How would she have known? Even the "no truck" signs don't apply to us; "trucks" start at box trucks, not our delivery trucks.


Don't order stuff if u don't want delivery trucks in your driveway ***! Why r people so *** these days?


She said sorry. I am sure you pointed out the error of her ways.

Now she knows. Move on with your life.

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