Clawson, Michigan

i cant seem to be able to find a complaint area on fedex's website so i guess i have to post my gripe elsewhere(here). every day or two the fedex guy pulls into the driveway next door with the sports channel turned up to 11!

best case i cant hear the tv, worst case it wakes up my baby!

i took video of the fedex guy today from inside my house for about 7-8 min.

i wish i could post it on here, the radio was louder than myself and my husband trying to have a conversation.

update; while i was typing this i could hear his truck making it's rounds on the street behind me and the next street beyond that.

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Look at the truck! Their phone number is printed in big numbers right on the side.

I'm sure if you called them and informed the manager, he/she would tell the driver to turn down his radio. How hard is that to figure out?!



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