Fedex Two Day Delivery Service Reviews

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Just got off the phone with FedEX and they are saying that most likely the label came off. YEAH SURE...and everyone else having these issues for the last 2 years must be the same issue. I am both concerned and dissapointed here, no one seems to be able to actually tell me where the package is or even when it might arrive. All I know as I paid extra for 2-day shipping and it's been a week. What a waste, never using FedEx again. Thanks for...
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Well, I ordered a desk for my home and it was shipped via FedEx, which I paid for. There was a note on my doorbell that said 'Do NOT ring the doorbell'. Of course, the FedEx delivery guy rang the doorbell anyway, which woke up my 2 napping children. I asked him why he rang it instead of knocking, and he said he needed a signature, didn't even offer an apology. Two shipments were delivered and I was asked to sign. When I told him I thought...
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I didn't like
  • Disrespect by delivery driver
  • Being lied to
  • Never received the item
Fedex took my info and basically blew my requests off and attempted delivery 3 seperate times in the middle of the day to my residental address after informing them that myself as the majority of adults are at work during the day so deliver after 5 pm. I was told could not be done and i now have to drive over an hour just to get my package that shoukd have came to me. They never provided uodates that I signed up for and online track said...
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