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This is not the first time that I have problems with FedEx UK.

My shipment from abroad arrived in the UK on 16 December. No-one from FedEx called me to advise that I needed to pay for VAT so that the shipment could be cleared and delivered to me.

After waiting for 4 days, I looked up for their number on the internet and phoned them. I paid for the VAT over the phone, and they said the shipment would be released and delivered to me the following morning.

They did not deliver the shipment that morning, and no-one called from FedEx called me. Again, I had to phone them at 2:31 pm the same day. They told me the shipment would not be delivered until Monday 24 December (Christmas Eve!). God knows if they will do that, and why my shipment has been travelling from one place to another withn the UK for so long!

FedExd charge a lot of money for appalling services.

So, please do look out for an alternative.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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London, England, United Kingdom #708858

I believe some of FedEx practices are illegal.

I live in the UK but my parents are in the US. About 4 times a year my Mom bakes and sends chocolate chip cookies to the UK and pays FedEx for the delivery (most convenient international courier for my parents location).

After every shipment, FedEx tries charging me £25 VAT/other charges. They send this invoice automatically, even though the airway bill is clearly marked as a gift with a nominal value.

This is an incorrect and illegal charge. I have to phone in every time to get the charge cleared. I'm sure FedEx is making a lot of illegal charges like this and generating serious revenue.


Totally agreed!!!

Never use Fedex AGAIN.

Their company just mess up your parcel.

I got hugh charge which is someone else's bill!!!

Also they confirmed by email that was add it up shipping cost by their agent.

Whay a jok

We shipped four road bikes to Corsica from uk, or so we thought. They never arrived while we were on vacation and we continue to wait.

I have never experiences such a lack of transparency and responsiveness. Fed ex are dreadful. Hey took £150 per bike and continue to wait - its nearly four weeks. Their tracking system tells a story - the bikes which were picked up together got split some, some apparently only ever made it to Paris and two went to Corsica but FedEx could not locate them in Corsica .

Two went from uk to Paris to Marseilles and then back to Paris.

Since we returned back to UK, the tracking site suggests they are al in Corsica, but FedEx seem unable to confirm or give assurances they wil be returned. I am exasperated and now conspiring legal action and a claim for damages :x

I second that! And posted my own comment on here as well!

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