To those unappreciative customers: FedEx employees are only human. They are the ones driving in blinding snow storms to bring your packages in weather you wouldn't send your worst enemy out in yet you complain when delivery is late.

You say they didn't knock? Well maybe you were in the bathroom! It isn't productive for them to have to come back more than once. .

As for weather delays, keep in mind that your overnight packages aren't picked up at the local Wal-Mart 5 miles away and driven right to your door. FedEx flies across the country and although there are no tornadoes "in your zip code" the airports experience significant delays elsewhere along the way. Have you never been late getting somewhere because of the weather?

Yes, I agree, many of the customer service reps are Latino and SHOULD have a better command of the English language but have you called DELL lately? Or any other major customer service line for that matter? Let's face it, they aren't perfect but then neither are we.

I appreciated the service they provide even with it's flaws. If people wouldn't wait until Thursday night to order that tuxedo for a wedding on Saturday then maybe they wouldn't have anything to complain about.

There are other fish in the sea if you aren't happy. Try them and if you can find perfection 100% of the time then by all means please let everyone know.

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Simple instructions like "do not load on truck"???

Um, how did you expect the item to;

a) be transported to the airport?

b) Moved between aircraft?

c) Delivered to you from the airport?

I'm pretty sure that Fedex doesn't use sedan chairs to move packages around. Nor Hovercraft. Sheesh...give your brain a chance.


Right you are. Customers who claim, "they never came here" but when pressed, often later admit, "oh, I might have been in the shower", or "I just ran to the store for 10 mintues." Customers will never understand that the last thing a courier wants to do is add work to his day by having to reattempt a package over and over.

Customers fill out airbills illegibly and then expect FedEx drivers to miraculously read writing that's worse than a doctors. Then the guy above expects FedEx to reimburse him for lost/damage goods when he didn't pay FedEx - the shipper did. Why is it sor hard to understand that you are the shipper's customer, not FedEx's. Your claim needs to be filed with the Shipper.

The shipper files the claim with FedEx. Yes, FedEx employees are human and human's are ***...which all customers prove over and over.


:( I am annoyed and extremely pissed! Today although the driver seems to say that he did attempt to deliver the package...

They in fact did not!

I was sitting on the patio at the time that they said they attempted the delivery, and since my front door (which is the only door to the house) is on the patio i am almost completely certain that I would have seen them. And apparently this particular depot in Houston doesn't work on monday!!!


Obviously, you have not had an expensive piece of equipment you have paid for evaporate from their facility, only to be told that since you weren't the shipper (even though you paid the shipping), that you have no rights to try to get your equipment replaced! Wait until you have been insulted, hung up on, and basically scammed, and see if you still have that opinion! :(


FEDEX WORKERS R SIMPLE! cant even follow simple instructions...

like "do not load on truck"!!!!!!

yet they do it anyway... I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN!!!


All customer want is to do your job. Deliver the packages to the address list on the package. Or do you all not know how to read?


Being late isn't the problem.. It's that half of the drivers won't get them to the right address. The other half Throws your package out where ever and pulls off!!!!!

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