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A parcel sent from UK to me (Greece) at 28-7-2010. Last tracking update was 30-7-2010 says that the parcel is at destination sort facility Athens GR.

Everyday since then I call them and they tell me that the last tracking update is unreal and that the parcel never came to Greece. It's in the central koeln de fedex hub. They have no more information...

I think that my parcel stolen or lost somewhere but I'm waiting news from them.

It's the first time I use fedex and I'm very disappointed.

I hope to be just a big delay.

Stay away from that company!

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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Greek customs for sure, they don't even have a set table on what you pay for customs fees. you pay whatever they say you pay....

last time i brought in 8000euro worth of merchandise and they wanted 7000euro customs fees...

there time is close, they should all be put in jail as they have a direct effect on the cost of living in Greece. Time to put all those thieves in jail!


Yes FEDEX is unreliable. I sent a package with jewellery to India, and few things from it got stolen!


If they delay over a week, can you claim for the insuranced value?


I don't give up. I will do whatever I can to receive refund or my parcel to be found!

And yes the items worth it. I lost 1200 euro.

Thanks for the advices


Don't give up! Whether it is Fedex's fault, or customs fault, their job is to complete the delivery, and you can prove that this did not happen.

It may take some time, but depending on the value of the item, it could be worth it.

And the sender is the one responsible for pursuing the refund, since they are they ones who initially paid for the shipping. Good luck.


You are right! I think that the tracking isn't lieing. It has been stolen in Greece!

Today fedex told me to send the invoice of the goods.

I don't think that they'll give my money back.


This is your first taste of corruption by Greek customs officials, I take it? Consider it a learning experience.

Despite what they're telling you on the phone, I'd be willing to bet the package got to Greece just fine, then mysteriously dissappeared.

It happens all the time when importing things into Greece. It's a shame but unfortunately it's the reality in some countries.

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