I'm expecting a parcel from the USA sent out on 28/01. At first FedEx showed delivery by 6 pm Mon/03/02.

After this time they changed the delivery date to N/A. Tracking shows the parcel is sitting at Stansted airport now for 6 days, since Thursday. When e-mailing the FedEx customer service, after redirecting my e-mail, they told me about their shipping rates and other bull***t, but no info about the delay.

As other customers have noticed they maybe manipulating arrival times and locations for some reason and show delivery time as N/A as a cover up. The long tracking number is totally useless if it only shows delivery N/A.

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Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #863374

FEDEX customer service is totally useless.

I shipped a crate in the US. Twenty minutes after the crate was picked up we discovered that the crate ship to address was wrong.

I called customer service to have the crate redirected to the correct address. They took down the info and said they would try to have the crate redirected. Second phone call two hours later they said it may take up to 24 hours to have the crate address changed. The crate was sent FEDEX 1 day Freight for Saturday delivery.

Redirecting the crate 24 hours after it is due to arrive at the destination does not help me at all. I tracked the crate this morning and it is out for delivery to the wrong address. Thank you for absolutely nothing FEDEX.

You are totally useless. Anytime I can avoid shipping with FEDEX I will.

Frank Vanella

Virginia Beach, VA, USA

Red Lion, Pennsylvania, United States #798352

No iWork for cs and na means that it has went paast the comment time delYs are coommen just think how meny flights get delayed everyday the ffa still controls flight patterns

Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia #784478

My comment is, I will never use FedEx anymore, they are terrible and ignorance. This is my last time using FedEx, neverrrrr

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