I don't even know where to start. This multi billion dollar corporation is a revolting mess of rude, lying employees who's disrespect for the consumer is so ingrained in the infrastructure and policies of this company that I honestly don't understand why people are inclined to continue to support them.

I had an item shipped to me from the US to Canada via USPS and Canada Post. I paid $42 duty on it. I sent it back to the manufacturer for a warranty repair. This time he shipped it back via FedEx. I received it no problem. A month later I was billed $84 for customs and brokerage fees to FedEx. Rather than collecting this amount upon delivery as Canada Post does, they quietly bill me a month later when I have forgotten about it and no longer have any documents to back up a claim against this amount. WRONG!! I kept everything. So I call the vulgar bastards and let them know I have already paid duty on this and that as it was a warranty repair I should be in the clear. "No problem!" she says, and instructs me to simply send her an email stating that it was a warranty repair. At that point I thought we were done and it was all too easy. WRONG!!

Two months later (last week) I receive an email stating that my "dispute" was now closed and payment due in full. I call and leave this cow a message and sent her an email. No reply for two days. Then I call to speak to her manager. He "is not in." I email him and almost immediately receive a response. Case closed, payment due in full. I contact the manufacturer who also emails them stating it was a warranty repair and claiming that he filled out the forms as instructed at FedEx. The following day I (already) receive a "past due" notice with bold lettering threatening that if I do not pay in full immediately, "further action" will be taken. They actually had the audacity to offer to open a claim on my behalf with Canada Customs for a fee of $75.

They have been rude and completely disgusting with me adding further insult to injury. These hog filth *** need to be tarred and feathered. Every last one of their board of directors, management and that vicious, greedy pig Fred Smith. "Purple Promise" my ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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