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Update by user Jun 13, 2015

Correction: It took them 2 days to transfer the package to the US Postal system, not 3.

Original review posted by user Jun 13, 2015

Seller shipped package from Colorado to Portland. OR.

In two days it arrived at Troutdale, OR which is 11.6 miles from my front door.

It then was shipped to Kent, WA which is 160 miles from my front door.

Then it took them 3 days to transfer it to the US Postal System in Portland OR.

That results in over 320 extra miles and 7 extra days for delivery. Why? To extort more money out of both seller and buyer. But at what cost to resources? And what damage to their reputation?

People claim some dumb excuses to defend this, but there is absolutely NO rationale that makes this alright on any level. Go ahead and try. Explain how logistics is improved by sending the package almost to its destination then sending off to an entirely different state. Explain how the seller paid to have it arrive by a certain date, so it is best to hold it so it doesn't get there early. Give me one of those excuses how the seller paid the cheapest rate so it makes total sense to add an extra 320 miles on to save money. I'll wait while you lie to yourself.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Just placed an order from San Diego California, I live in Idaho. The package was shipped all the way to Ohio. How does this save Fedex money, when they ship to a sorting center, way out to the east coast.


I have thought exactly the same thing, I'm within 10 miles of Troutdale. I read the response but that is just fluff.

It stopped 10 miles from my house, stuff gets unpacked there, just not mine. Mine goes to another state only to be unpacked and shipped back down? We're not talking overnight from Originator to me either. Lets just think cost.

They are beleiveing it is cheaper to expend fossil fuels and manpower for at least 2 additional stops and 300 miles, Sorry, and hey, guess what, the USPS does deliver in troutdale, so, drop it there, it has to be unpacked somewhere, and they can take it the remaining miles. Is this why postage continues to climb faster than they can print stamps? following the logic it travels 160 miles to be unpacked, returned 160 mi, where it is once again unpacked. Plus, add in snow and you are talking possibly 3 - 5 days.

The first time I tracked such a package I knew there must have been a mistake, and I continue to think the same. Apparently it is no mistake, it is a cost saver?????????

One would think the less time they have a package, the cheaper it costs them, splain that away! Or better, ship by alternate methods.

Coventry, Rhode Island, United States #995472

The reality of the FedEx Smartpost service level is that it uses bundling from our larger customers to offer more cost effective delivery through to the local Post office using our Ground network. This combination allows effective use of the both our core network and the local Post offices delivery services.

FedEx Smartpost delivery is best effort with no guarantee unless it becomes lost.

Now as for the fact that it passed close to your home, if you will look at the tracking there is no prefix to the Troutdale hub which means this is a Ground hub. Ground and Home Delivery hubs are located in business districts near interstates so delivering from them Smartpost(lowest cost service) to your home in the middle of town is uneconomic. What we do is we send the package in bulk to your local Smartpost Hub in Kent for further consolidation with other Smartpost packages.

From there we drop it off at the Seattle USPS NDC (Network Distribution Center) with serves your house's mail and the USPS sorts and delivers to your home from there. All these bulk shipments are cheaper than just separating one package and delivering it by hand.

to aleksey #1433724

In that case offer the customer the ability to pick up from the local hub instead of sending it back in forth past the intended destination

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