I am not sure exactly what these delivery companies imagine people do on a regular basis; probably they think nobody has a job, they just enjoy staying home every morning and wait for the great, important delivery person to knock at the door one time and leave. Why do you even bother giving the packages tracking numbers? How are those helping in any way? I switched from crappy ups to crappier fedex, i thought this company was better as they are more expensive; what a joke! you people are just ridiculous and trash the customer and the respect for customer and the money they pay so you can go home with a paycheck! This is not a civilized society type of service, this is the type of service you get in undeveloped countries where customer means nothing and everybody does whatever they want and have no sense of responsibility or shame.

I was supposed to receive my package in 5 days, 2 weeks later i get a phone call from fedex announcing me that my package would be delivered on thursday at 10:30, took first half of the day off, nobody came, tracking number said N/A, on friday I get another phone call telling me the package will arrive on saturday at 10:30, waited at home all morning, no package, the tracking status changed to monday at 10:30, took the morning off on monday, no package was delivered, status changed to N/A.

Shame on you fedex, hope somebody will start a serious delivery business and kick your lazy, unprofessional *** off the market, it is more than revolting to pay for a service and get a mocking in response. Shame on you! Will never use this company again, and one more thing, tell those employees from your offices that unless they have also discovered the cure for cancer or performed some difficult brain surgery in parallel with moving packages around, they should wipe off that arrogance and superior tone in their voices because they are ridiculous!

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