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FedEx tracking says they tried to deliver a package twice now. I was at home at both those times.

Did not hear any trucks except for UPS. What is going on? Door was open, cars were in garage. Are they trying to save fuel bills by saying they tried to deliver but in fact they are not!

There was not even a door tag saying they attempted a delivery. Customer service is useless. Never had a problem w/ USPS and its cheaper! What a waste of time.

If FedEx is going to charge a fuel surcharge, they better deliver on their service else have pickup as an option (and charge less) so we don't waste our time and money waiting for something that will not be delivered anyway.

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No, Mr Fedexman, the more plausible situation that you get bored/ dont have any deliveries around that ara of town and so lie to maybe delivery the next day or the day after when you will have deliveries in the area.

Does that sound like somehting you or other drivers you know have done ?

Don't lie now.

Middle Township, New Jersey, United States #34895

Excuse me, FEDEX man. This is your job!

The fact is, many drivers tell lies about even making a second or third attempt and they lie about leaving notices on doors. It isnt easy work I know but Perhaps the fact that you hear this complaint over and over is telling Fedex to supervise their drivers better.

So stop blaming the customer for its incompetence in getting the package to the client. Typical lousy attitude.


This is the most common complaint we hear and 99% of the time it happens because the recipient was: in the shower, running the vacuum, "stepped out" for a minute, etc etc etc. Fact is, if the driver doesnt get the pkg delivered he must come back again the next day.

No courier wants to have to duplicate their work! Use your brain - if you are expecting a pkg from any courier service, leave a dated, signed note on the outside of the door giving them permission to leave the package. This will suffice unless the shipper has required a signature in person.

But I love the "the courier came to the house and never knocked on the door." Yeah, right. We love to work even later at night by having to come back again the next day!

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