My family and i love to send/receive packages but not from FedEX!

For probably the 10th time i am waiting for FedEx to deliver concert tickets for friday. the sad thing is i know they will never be delivered within a week.

we bought my son concert tickets for his birthday and as soon as i purchased them i was told they would be sent by FedEx. i wanted to cancel my order as soon as i heard this but the tickets are non refundable. fml.

it is no use to call customer service they will just give u some sort of bs about how the driver is on the way. i work and can not take a day off just to wait for them. i am the customer aren't they supposed to try to set up a delivery time that is realistic for us.

i hate this company and find that sending a package through them is a waste of money and time!

FedEx is the worst shipping company ever and if i can i tell everyone about ruined vacations/relationships/birthdays not to mention the days i have had to *** work to wait for their slacker drivers.

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