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I sent a package to a family member that was time critical. The family member is an elderly female that lives in a secure building that requires a keypad entry.

Instead of using the phone number listed on the package to inform the recipient that the package was downstairs, so that she could come down and get it, they listed the customer as unavailable and returned the package to the Wilmington office. The next day, they did exactly the same thing. On the third day they left the package in the downstairs hallway. Unfortunately, I was unavailable to verify the delivery until the third day and my elderly relative is unable to do so.

My first complaint is that FedEx was paid a premium for next day delivery. It would be awesome if a site like this could bring together enough people with similar experiences to create a class action suit against FedEx to recoup the overcharges. My second complaint is that the package was delivered 2 days late. What amazes me is that I am learning from friends and family that this practice is quite common place from this particular FedEx office and it can't be making them any profit.

Maybe a change of management and some customer support training is in order. Finaly, for those of you who took the time to read this, please remember that the United Postal Service also offers overnight delivery.

Thats where I will be going from now on. Thanks for letting me vent!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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I'm going to side with person #2. Given that this site has like 60 hits, the first person seems to have gone out of his way to reach no one.

I live in a confusing apartment complex in the same area, and I've never had a problem.

I get packages all the time. Wilmington FedEx rules.


Does the building have posted instructions for reaching the tenants? Most buildings provide an intercom system for that exact reason. Often, a disconnect between standard practices of fed/ex delivery personnel and condo/apartment management personnel leads to these issues. I've experienced similar problems in the past as well in various different towns. I've also used Wilmington, MA FedEx for years, without any consistent problems.

Rather than blindly slandering FedEx, perhaps some simple investigation would be in order. I imagine if you contact the building management and FedEx, you'll often find that there is a disconnect between offices with certain standard practices and buildings without posted instructions or clearly labeled intercom systems.

Certainly, as the customer, it is frustrating, and this shouldn't be your burden to bear. However don't count out that the building management isn't at fault.

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