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I placed an order early last week and paid for overnight shipping. The package shipped on Friday. Now I realize that Sunday is New Years, but I also know that packages are still being delivered for Saturday delivery. But I wasn't expecting a Saturday delivery, I figured next business day which would be Monday (which is what the seller had thought as well).

So I paid extra for next day delivery, and I took monday off from work to make sure I was home to accept the package. I've been watching the tracking screen diligently, and I see that as of this morning (Saturday), my package is in Oakland! Awesome! I should get it Monday then, right?

But then why is the delivery date still reading for Tuesday? I call them to confirm the monday delivery and apparently FedEX is observing the holiday so Deliveries will not be made on Monday (What? shut down the entire nation-wide company to observe a holiday? I get that everyone needs holidays, but perhaps you could have let your sellers know?).

Since they are still delivering on Saturday (today), I ask if I can pick my package up. - No, of course I can't. The "hub" is closed and that's where my package is. Ok, well can I pay extra for Saturday delivery? No again? Why not? "becuase we can't do that. You already paid for shipping." Well ok, then what ARE my options?

Apparently my options are to wait until Tuesday. (thanks Leslie, you've been soooo helpful).

So since I will not be at home on Tuesday (as mentioned, I took Monday off of work for this, and I can't take another day), I ask if I can have my package "held" at the station for pick-up ) which is supposedly an option), however, I am told that "my package is not eligible for that service." WHAT? So my only option now is to wait for the Tuesday delivery, which I of course will not be home for. They will leave a door tag (starting THAT nightmare in scheduling) meaning that my next opportunity to get my package will likely be Wednesday??? Then why the *** did I pay for next day shipping???

I will never use fedex again. *** YOU FEDEX. I Hate You. Your customer service is horrible. I hope you have a very unhappy new year.

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Where's the bad customer service? You paid for next business day delivery.

Saturday isn't a business day. Monday was a holiday.

(FYI, when New Year's Day falls on a weekend, Monday is ALWAYS the observed holiday.) You got exactly what you paid for. If your seller (AND YOU) didn't bother to check if Monday was a holiday (one of only 6 holidays FedEx observes all year), how is that FedEx's fault?


You don't know that the observed holiday for a holiday falling on the weekend is the next Monday? And you're blaming Fedex for that?


not cool... next time drive it yourself better yet use ups ,oh wait they are also closed..better yet the post office,oh yeah closed. find another delivery company..wait for it there are no more sol


I placed an order on 12/28 with 3 day shipping. As of today 1/3, I still haven't received it.

I called them and they said I can't pick it up.

It has been at my local facility since 12/31. This is completely unacceptable!


just like the banks are closed, there is no mail delivery and trash service will be a day late. ups and fedex are both closed!!!

get over it!! thats why the date said tues from the begining...duh.


I worked my *** off before the holidays and during the holidays, so I could care less about their three days off. I paid for overnight delivery and I expect my *** package to be delivered for the rate that I paid for.

When overnight delivery turns into 3 day delivery, I want my money back. No exceptions.


Fedex & UPS are shut down Monday. I am a "wholesaler".

Everyone in the shipping industry has known since before haloween what the schedules would be this holiday season. Sorry that your wholesale/retailer did not inform you correctly.

BTW my business only ships ups so I am not a FedEx fan. Just thinking you were not informed before your rant.


So by your own accord these workers who just worked their @ss off during the holidays the busiest shipping time each year don't deserve to be off for the holidays? It's good to see that there are still selfish people in the U.S.A.

Nelson, Nebraska, United States #400706

My package shipped friday 12/30 and I paid for next day package was delivered to my city today (12/31), but they won't deliver it because I didn't pay for Saturday and Monday they are closed for New Years. sooo annoyed right now

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