I purchased a computer through Walmart on July the 10th 2013.no It took Walmart six days to finally ship my computer out, but when I tried to use the tracking number provided by FedEx, no shipping information is available. in other words, they can't find it.

However, Walmart gave me a shipping date that I would get my computer anywhere from July 31st 2013 all the way up to August 19th 2013. I can't believe it Walmart is going to ship me a computer and it's going to take 6 weeks? they have got to be out of their *** minds. of course I call up FedEx and they tell me that's the tracking number that I have is no good.

and there's nothing they can do about it until it's updated.

in other words they can't find it. Note to self, never ever buy anything from Walmart ever and never use FedEx ever again.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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