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I work for fedexoffice as a manager and most of the customer complaints are valid. Fedexoffice senior management out of Dallas does very little to support and help the field level employee.

More time is spent telling them what they are doing wrong and making threats than fixing the problems. Fedexoffice employees work under stressful and often insufferable conditions imposed upon them corporate execs. There is huge disconnect between the board room the cubicles in Dallas and the real world. Managers and employees become the scapegoats when corporate theories and ideas don't pan out.

More than 75% of the ideas out of Dallas are darts on a dart board and have minimum effect on the bottom line. The evidence of complete mismanagement is in the constant changes, corrections and updates. The fact that what we did 1 year ago seems wasteful and inefficient now so we are told to stop. Essentially we were managed poorly 1 year ago and only now they are realizing it.

We as managers knew this all along but we were never asked or consulted. Procedures that we are doing now will be removed in 6 months because it will be seen as a waste of time energy and money. In short mismanagement and structure within the coporprate system is pretty messy. Fedex the parent company of Fedexoffice has tried to put a square peg in a round hole.

In the past 4 years it has not worked.

We in the field know this but Dallas and Memphis has yet to overcome their arrogance and tunnel vision to see the real business environment that exists. A culture of skepticism and apathy now exists within Fedexoffice and it has been created by the lack of real world experience and applications out of Dallas.

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Fedex just delivered a pkg (8-27). I got to the door quickly and the driver was already in his truck and pulling off into the street.

What happened to handing the pkg to the customer?

Also the website has no place to address POOR service. Screw Fedex.

to d willlis Torrance, California, United States #668266

FedEx drivers are suppose to leave packages at the customers door .

The only reason they have to knock is if the sender requests a

Signature from the person receiving. Drivers have hundreds of

Deliveries a day and only have a certain amount of time to deliver them. They are

Not required to hand every customer their package. U ordered the item so

Deal with it when u receive it !!!!

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