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Reference Tracking Number: 705733948814

Complaint Escalation Number: 0924613260

Subject: Customer Service Ownership

On September 18, 2016 I place an order for some tools I needed to complete a job for a customer. Being a small business owner I look for the best possible deal when purchasing equipment. I saved about $200.00 on this purchase and the tools would arrive when I needed them to complete the job.

The scheduled delivery date was September 22, 2016 which would have been perfect timing. I checked the status of the delivery that morning and my tools where on the truck and out for delivery. However, when I checked the status that afternoon your system showed the status changed to Delivery Exception Address Incorrect.

I went online to check my order confirmation to see what was in error. The delivery address was correct except the city was miss-spelled. The city was spelled TYekamah instead of Tekamah.

Surly my package was not delivered because of this? Everything else was correct. I called your so called customer service number and told the individual what was going on. All I got was the run around and they really didn’t act like they wanted to help resolve the issue.

I asked to speak to someone higher up to resolve the issue. This person supposedly called your Council Bluffs Iowa station and explained to them what was going on. I was assured the package would be delivered the following day.

The next morning, I checked the status of the shipment online and it showed it was out for delivery. However, that afternoon when I check the status it showed the status was Delivery Exception Address Incorrect. Ok I now wonder what is going on, this doesn’t pass the common sense test.

I called customer service again to try and find out what was going on. This time I was allowed to speak with a Linda at the Council Bluff station. I explained to her what I knew and even gave her specific instructions on how to get to my home. She assured me the package would be delivered the next day, Saturday the 24th.

By noon on Saturday still no package and the status on your tracking site still showed Delivery Exception Address Incorrect. So I called your customer service center again and told them I want to escalate the issue. I explained the issue in great detail and was given the case number above and was told someone would call me within two hours.

I missed the return call but was left a message that stated the address was incorrect. So I’m right back where I started. Customer service not taking ownership of the issue or trying to resolve it.

So I called customer service again. At this point I’m FEDUP with FEDEX, pun intended. This time I was given a glimmer of hope when I was put in touch with, Vent at the Council Bluffs station. I told him what was going on and that I needed the tools to complete a job and this was costing me time and money. He told me he would do what he could to get my package delivered the following Tuesday.

I told him this was unacceptable and I shouldn’t have to wait five days after the scheduled delivery date to get my package. I told him I would be forced to purchase the tools locally so I could complete a job which would cost around $400.00 and I would send the bill to FedEx.

He told me I could come and pickup my package if I wanted but he wanted to go make sure it was in the cage locked up and he would call me back. At last, someone willing to take ownership and solve my issue.

I live 50 miles from Council Bluffs so I headed out to get my package. I was about 10 miles out when Vent called and told me the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey would say.

My package was not delivered because of an incorrect address it was due to a mechanical issue with your truck. He also told me the package was still on the truck and he didn’t have access to it. He told me he spoke to a supervisor and they knew about my package. He also stated the supervisor was going to get the truck on Sunday and she would call me to make delivery of my package.

It is now 1:30 PM Sunday and I haven’t heard from anyone.

I see a number of issues here.

1. Incorrect status updates

2. Customer service agents not willing to take ownership of issues

3. Supervision falsifying status updates on your tracking system

4. Supervision lying to customers

5. Leaving packages unsecured in a truck while in a repair facility

6. Supervision not doing what they said they will do, See 4

This issue has cost me time, money, and the ability to complete a job has scheduled and move on to the next. I’m a small business owner and cannot take losses due to some other negligence and total lack of customer service. I will also inform my vendors that I will no longer accept FedEx as a shipping provider and if they will only use FedEx I will go elsewhere for my purchases.

Out of all of your employees I spoke to only one tried to take ownership of this issue and resolve it and he should be commended for it, if not promoted. I don’t know his last name but his first name is Vent. He probably went above and beyond of his normal duties in trying to help me to no avail due to negligence of local supervision.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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