FedEx is useless. I have freight arriving nearly daily and only FedEx causes problems. Their rag-tag ground service is unregulated since they use contract drivers, and air service is only slightly better. The tracking information is always out of date or in error and delivery quality is horrible.

I actually had FedEx call for directions, while a UPS driver was talking to me. I had HIM tell them how to get here and they still showed up the next day!

Now It's 7:00 pm, the tracking says that a package is 'on truck for delivery' Customer service saus there is no late time limit for delivery. Any bets it doesn't show up! The driver is probably home having supper.


The next time you leave a delivery, up on the shoulder of the public road, off of our property, It's mine, and I'll file for a lost package. Maybe your lazy ways will change and you'll deliver it properly next time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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