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FedEx delivered a package late... and I had already left for an international business trip, but needed the package with me; so a friend took the package to a FedEx store and paid to send it to me overseas.

Now here's the great part -- instead of delivering it to me overseas, they delivered it back to my house in Maryland! Seems they had left the original shipping label on the box, as well as the new one.

Of course, being the fine upstanding folks that they are, FedEx jumped through hoops to fix the problem -- NOT! VoiceMail ***, ignorant and lazy call center support, and a manager in the Memphis station who told me it was my fault... That's why I'm FedUp with FedEx!

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package came on friday, shipping department on holiday but big 4foot sign said to contact security. No attempt to make the delivery.

Holiday comes, and goes, now its Tuesday. 2 other fed ex trucks made deliveries. No package yet. Called fed ex and got ex-cuses.

First was that my shipping department was closed. No it is not. And the *** service person argued with me about my own shipping department. THEN She said the driver was on vacation.

What the he??!!

So I have to wait an extra 5 days to get the package I paid next day shipping for. Well, never again.

All future packages will be send DHL or UPS, or USPS. I am FED UP with Fedex.

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