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FEDX has a new scam where you pay for shipping fromthe Company you purchase the product from, they then ship the package to a "sorting warehouse" somewhere (mine is currently in W.V.). At that facility they repackage, sort and then ship it out USPS ground.

I received an "Estimated Delivery" tracking date of 12/14 in Tall Timbers, MD. The following day it said Estimated delivery 12/19 Tall Timbers, MD "Smart Post. Upon arrival at the "sorting facility" FEDX is no longer responsible for the package or delivery. It is now up to The USPS.

I now can not send it in time for Christmas with the other presents in planned to include. NO Christmas present to NY though I bought the gift on the 4th of Dec.

Monetary Loss: $99.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #758904

When you order something that you need by a certain date, you have to order it more than two-three weeks ahead of time. I usually order things six-eight weeks ahead of when I need them.

That being said I have never had any problems with the way FedEX or UPS uses USPS to aid with their shipping.

Whether or not USPS is used apparently depends on the item or maybe even the location. When I live some things are shopped all the way with FedEX or UPS and some things are switched over to USPS somewhere along the line.

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