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Don't use FedEx they have delivered 7 packages to the wrong address all over the town I live in luckily the people they were delivered to brought them to my house. I contacted there customer service and all they said was the driver said it was left on the front porch.

The 7th package was never seen again. The driver said he left it on my front porch but I was home waiting for the package and it wasn't placed on my porch.

I was out of 150 dollars and FedEx could care less. I will never buy anything that is shipped by FedEx.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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I'm not going to lie.. FEDXSUCKS worse than any mail service in the entire world..

They are RETARDEDLY slow in this area. I swear I hate to see their *** name on ANYTHING when I purchase. You can watch the shipping information on it and the package will get to this area at the first day of the week, not an hour from my house and it will go around and around and around in circles all week then at the end of the week be transferred over to Postal service and take another 2 days to get here.. I swear I've never seen anything like it..

At one point you could order something, it would get to Memphis, they would send it to Southaven 15 minutes away, send it down to Jackson Ms 3 hours away, send it back up to Southaven , then it would say out for delivery, then they would transfer it to the Postal service and then send it to my home 2 more days late.. IT LITERALLY takes a *** week for a package to get from Memphis to my house which is not even an hour from Memphis.. *** I'm like 30 minutes driving time to their main company.. What the ***?

They have never been worth a *** but I will tell you this much, In the last few years, they REALLY aren't worth a ***.. I swear I have gotten to the point when I order something that I ask the vendors who they use and if they tell me they can't send something any other way than FEDX I will not even *** order it.. They are TERRIBLE .. TER REE BUL!

.. I hate them.. It *** me off when I need something because the *** are RE TAR DID LY SLOW . I swear I could ride a *** bicycle to Memphis and pick the *** up and ride back home and it would be quicker than these *** and that's like 18 miles one way..

What the *** is wrong with you people?

Who lays out your routes? All I can tell you is , WHO EVER does it is *** RE TAR DID!

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