I took the day off of work yesterday (Aug 13th, 2012) to await delivery of my new computer.I packed up the old computer, cleaned off the desk and then sat and waited...

and waited.... and waited. I had someone come to the door for another reason and low and behold, when I opened the door... the call tag was hanging there.

WTH!!! He didn't even ring the bell!!! I purposely installed a new door bell over the weekend so I wouldn't miss this (and it worked perfectly fine)... and this fool didn't have enough sense to push the BIG RED BUTTON!!!

I called and they had the nerve to tell me that I could go to the facility tomorrow and pick it up or they could re-deliver it. So...miss another day of work? Drive 75 miles to their facility??

Let the *** do the same thing tomorrow???!!!I think that businesses had better re-think their use of Fed Ex for their deliveries.

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