I ordered some stuff from a website, for next day delivery.

Fedex tred to deliver (Thursday) but my wife was out and I rang at 9am the next day to re-organise the delivery ... "sorry, all of our lorries have gone out for the day" - what is the point of having a phone line that only works ewhen it is too late ?

I needed the goods for Saturday as I have a number of people coming to work on a project but the best Fed-ex could do was offer a Monday delivery. I asked if I could pay to get the goods on Saturday ... no sorry you cannot. - no help and after trying a couple of Customer Service people one of them put the phone down on me.

I am furious and will not buy good from companies which use Fed -ex as they are really rubbish.

Last time I had a package which was delivered by them they insisted that the only time they could deliver to me was at 3pm - when my wife picks up the children from school - they insisted that there was no way that they could deliver at any other time of day.

Really really *** customer service - don't use them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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Falkirk, Falkirk, United Kingdom #1172372

Ordered from online store on a Friday for next working day delivery (Monday) On Monday morning the tracking info stated the goods were still in their Glasgow Depot so I phoned customer services.

Oh, Sorry, we made a mistake but we'll get the items to you tomorrow ...... You useless cretins, how can you miss 2 large packages and forget to load them, don't you have a bar code system for items being delivered that day?


London, England, United Kingdom #958612

I bought and paid for two rugs to be shipped from Turkey to Moscow with a Value of $20 000 and paid $1500 shipping and insurance. I then had to pay $3000 before Fedex could deliver to Russian customs.

Rugs never arrived and Fedex bounced me between Turkey and Moscow for three weeks before they said the goods were lost in Istanbul ?? .. They offered to refund my shipping costs ?? ..

and said the insurance was invalid as Fedex were not responsible for theft only damaged goods. Will never use these ****rs again.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #946677

I cannot agree more.

Doncaster, Doncaster, United Kingdom #931522

"I ordered some stuff from a website, for next day delivery. Fedex tried to deliver (Thursday) but my wife was out"

Well that's your fault not theirs...

you ordered some "stuff" for next day delivery. They tried to deliver and you were out. Plonker! And of course by 9am the next day the vans will already be out, most of these poor courier drivers are out on the road by 7am.

They have hundreds of deliveries to do every day. They're not going to send a driver out especially for you because you weren't in when you were supposed to be to take delivery in the first place!!

London, England, United Kingdom #706837

Rubbish service, they don't do next day delivery, lier's I will not buy from any electronic supplier using Fedex

London, England, United Kingdom #695245

FedEx screwed up again - promised a before 10 am delivery to make up for previous failures ... called at 9:05 am to say they forgot to load the item....!

...and apparently that was my fault...!

What a load of Dartford numpties. After I spoke with their manager the penny suddenly dropped and she arranged a special delivery which arrived before 10 am but not without me having to scream blue murder - these lot are not worth the bother.

London, England, United Kingdom #694544

I could not agree more - FedEx Dartford are the most unhelpful and stroppy coven of idiots you could meet. Rude & tell lies as well as the drivers who lie about leaving cards, problems with intercom [yes you will have a problem with an intercom if you are not there to try it] ..I too will refuse deliveries from FedEx people..!


FedEx are full of lying xxx. Very rude customer service .told I item was out for delivery when it had been returned to Dartford depot because driver could not be bothered.

I waited till 6:30pm for these bunch of hyenas; they then arranged for delivery next day before 12 and had the nerve to call it “an upgrade!”

09/10/2012 18:20 Items Tracked Dartford 1

07:57 Out For Delivery Dartford 1

07:48 Out For Delivery Dartford 1

07:40 Items Tracked DARTFORD FEDEX OVERLAY 1

01:29 Items Tracked Parkhouse Central Hub 1

08/10/2012 17:40 Items Tracked GLASGOW EAST 1

16:02 Consignment data received GLASGOW EAST

:? :?


"Tried" to deliver when I was in. Moreover so was my mother and my three dogs and not one of us heard them.

The bell is working but it wasn't rung. There were two cars on the drive so they should have expected someone to be in - but no. I wish companies had to say which courier they were going to use because it's the second time Fedex have done this. Hermes, City Link, Parcelforce, HDNL, UPS - never a problem.

Just fedex. And does their system work online for tracking? Does it heck.

I'm not driving the 65 mile round trip because they don't want to knock or ring the bell - that'll cost much more than the original delivery charge in petrol and I haven't the time. I've therefore allowed the goods to go back to the sender - if they can't deliver when I'm in, what on earth is the use of getting them to "redeliver" them if they would?


fedex have delivered to me for 7 years at the same address. yet according to the driver they still dont know where i am and can not deliver as they can not find my address!

so he leaves my packages at various businesses in a town 12 miles from where i live.

more like the driver gets paid per drop and my house is a 24 mile round trip from his next closest drop and he refuses to drive 24 miles for £1.

well mr fedex, i work for bt and i get paid a per job bonus. and guess what. all the jobs that involve 2 hours down a rat infested manhole still get done even though they are unpleasant and dont add to my bonus.

you know why that is? because i am not a worthless cretin that only thinks about himself, unlike you.


I was out when my parcel was delivered so fedex left me a redelivery card that I had to fill in online to arrange another delivery date. I was given 4 options on how I wanted it delivered.

i filled it in and I was told that I couldn't use any of them as this redelivery service isn't available for my delivery.



Just used them to ship a parcel from the USA. Tracking number sohws item available for clearance with estimated delivery today (took day off work).

Spoke to them and it's stuck in customs 100's of miles away. They reckon they tried to call me but that's a lie.

They reckon they sent a letter to me to clear it on Friday but it was only posted Friday evening from the USA (another lie). Tracking screen still shows delivery today but there's no way, let's see what actually happens.

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