I was waiting all day for two FedEx packages today, October 24, 2008. Here are the tracking numbers:

My address is on a very large and well-known street in Chicago (Irving Park Road) and the building has very clear numbers above the door. I left a note downstairs to ring the top buzzer outside (which also has my name) or to call me (and left my number) and that I would come downstairs immediately.

I received the first package before noon. The driver called me before coming to the building (from a nearby address) and I met him downstairs. This worked out great.

The second package never came so I went to the FedEx web site to track it at 5:30pm where it said the following, "5:01pm customer not at home or business closed." I WAS AT HOME AND THIS FEDEX DRIVER IS TELLING LIES! HE NEVER EVEN CAME HERE TODAY. There was no note. They are supposed to leave a sticker or a door hanger, but there was nothing.

I called customer service and they very nonchalantly explained to me that I would just have to wait till tomorrow. So now I have to alter my plans and spend another whole day waiting for this package!

This is a horrible, horrible service. There is not even a complaint field at FedEx.com, anywhere on the site, for customer benefit and quality improvement. It is quite clear that FedEx does not care at all about its customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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I'm having a same trouble here. I've been even literally looking outside for my package to come but got a delivery exception few minutes ago.

what the.............................. no FedEx truck, no delivery man, no door tag.... nothing at all. I'm so frustrated!!

i don't know if I will ever get my package.. :(


Same thing here, today. I was waiting for the package to arrive, front door open and waiting when I checked the delivery status,"Customer not available or business closed".

I was at home, front door open at the time the delivery supposedly happened and the lied. nobdy showed up, no ticket stating delivery attempt. The driver must have been in another dimension because there is no mistaking the fact that he was a no show.

In addition to that, the last 3 (three) times I sent a package, signature required, they left the package at the door and ran.Fedex is ripping off millions of dollars from those who pay extra for services they never provide. Im done with Fedex and will tell anyone who I know to never use Fedex.Their service has gone down the toilet nad they are thieves and liars!!!!!


Tracking #134619815645175 I've been here all day, even had lunch at my desk. At 6:30pm fedex.com stated "Customer not available or business closed".

It's now 7:08 and I'm still sitting next to the glass door! This is unacceptable!


:sigh This just happened to me today.

Home all day, waiting for a delivery of wine. Front door is OPEN, I am in the room, maybe 5 feet from the door, working on laptop computer.

Around 1:50 PM I get an email about a delivery "exception" stating that at 1:24 an attempt to deliver was made but no adult over 21 was present and a hang tag was left.

LIAR!!!! No attempt was made, no tag was left. Maybe the driver went some place else? I called the "customer service" number and apparently they were fresh out of "service" for me.

I can pick it up during one hour tonight (I won't be available) or I can wait at home again tomorrow between the convenient hours of 8 AM and 7 PM. :(

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