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Dear Frustrated FedEx Customers,

If you have been wronged by this corporation, please feel free to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, as I intend to do.Whether your problem involves undelivered packages, false advertisement, or the misuse of personal information, it would be nice to stick it to a corporation which has, no doubt, caused endless fits of rage for its many customers.

The more the merrier, so file the complaints away. Let's knock FedEx's "satisfactory record" down a notch or two.

Goodness knows, perhaps that mega-corporation will finally reform and serve its customers well.

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I have been wrongfully taken advantage of by FEDEX NUMEROUS TIMES LATELY.I just want my package without having to pay more n more money.

I've paid almost a grand already n can't afford anymore fees.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me!!!


They won't tell you that they offer an international flat rate option no matter how many times you ask them in any department.This will save you 50% off the regular rates.

I found out on my own way too late and now they refuse to refund my money on what I paid above the flat rate. I have been jumping through hoops for weeks.

I paid $1600 over a year, could have been more like $800.DHL is a much better option for pricing and for customer service.


I have had two shipments of medication sent from Az.The scans on both show that they were scanned in Memphis and have no other tracking.

Fed Ex can't even find them and has offered no solution.

This is a lousy company for service and customer service.I'm not doing business with companies they use from now on.


Yes recently ordered our Son Adidas Football Cleats from Adidas to be delivered via FedEx.I was home all day waiting on the package.

Our front door opens at 7:00am as I have school age kids for High School, Middle and Elementary who all leave at different times.

Hubby left for work at 10:30am package was said to be delivered and time stamped as delivered by FedEx at 10:15am.No package was ever delivered.


fed ex driver had a heavy package to be delivered to my door 2 nd floor took it to leasing office down the street because he could drag it from the truck to floor then lied and said i wasn't home . no door tag , and the leasing supervisor saw him ... Aimee from FedEx lied to me on the phone they are overpriced jokes


Do Not use FedEx!!!!! They are liars !!!!

Jim Falls, Wisconsin, United States #1276341

Apparently Fed Ex hires any loser to try delivery packages, so many cases were package says it was delivered but was not received? who is right usually the customer!! wake up Fed EX!!!!!!

Jim Falls, Wisconsin, United States #1276337

Please: everyone stop using Fed Ex and see if they pay attention then?

Jim Falls, Wisconsin, United States #1276335

Fed Ex drivers are lazy and can't be trusted!!!!

Jim Falls, Wisconsin, United States #1276329

Don't trust fed ex for deliveries!!!!!!

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