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Be very wary about sending anything you care about via FedEx!!!!!!MainGear (computer company) was sending a computer to us via FedEx. We got a call in advance, indicating that the package would require a signature.

That was great, and what we would expect because we didn't want a computer sitting outside our door. However, that's not what happened. The package was in fact left on our front porch while no one was in the house. I wasn't happy that it had just been left; but I was glad that it was still there when I got home.

The real problem--and my frustration--occurred when we got a "confirmation email" indicating we had signed for package. It didn't happen. The driver--or someone associated with the driver--committed fraud. The home was empty on the date & time the package was delivered.

Both household members were at meetings in different states--with multiple witnesses. I have spent 45 minutes trying to alert FedEx to this fraud......but they have no interest in the information.

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My Maingear computer was delivered by UPS and required a signature.

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