So in January I ordered my sister some flowers because her boyfriend broke up with her and she was feeling down so it was a surprise. I ordered them prior to knowing of an upcoming snow storm (which we got like 3-4 inches so nothing big).

So I was checking the tracker because the flowers were a surprise and wanted to hear what she thought. The tracker says they were "left on porch" in SINGLE DIGIT temperatures.... My mom was home that entire day coincidentally and said no one knocked, they weren't there and there were no footprints in the snow... so I called FedEx to report it.

They said they would contact the driver and call me back, but never did. First thing the next morning I called back and they put me on hold while calling the local store to find out that the flowers weren't delivered (duh!) and would be delivered that day. Well, when they dropped the flowers off they left them on the porch in weather that was IN THE TEENS and NEVER knocked or rang the door bell to notify anyone and my sister had been home.

Well, when my sister opened the flowers they were BROWN and FedEx refused to acknowledge it was their fault or responsibility. Luckily, the flower company is AWESOME and resent them FOR FREE.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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