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I am extremely infuriated with FEDEX! The first attempt or shall I say " first attempt" since the tracking online stated the delivery was attempted yet the representative over the phone said it could have been an attempt or maybe not since the shipment wasn't schedule until the next day.

She wasn't sure. Now the following day I received a door tag (sorry we missed you) with nothing on it. I checked online for the status and it said it was left in front of door. WTF?!?

I thought to myself, I live in the *** projects in the South Bronx, who in their right mind would leave a package on my front door?? There are murders and thieves on every corner! I call FEDEX and I tell them EVERYTHING, how on the "second attempt" (or perhaps the first who knows) they leave my package on my front door. They state since its holiday season they have the right to leave the package there and it didn't require a signature.

BTW, they left a door tag but when I gave the door tag number to the representative over the phone the door tag couldn't be traced. It wasn't scanned and couldn't be traced back to the package. Why would you leave a door tag, a *** piece of paper, without any information on it nor a way to trace the package?? Why leave it there when the package was delivered to my front door?

Now someone else has my mother's Christmas gift and its "okay" because the sender didn't require a signature.

Thanks for the lack of judgment FEDEX. Instead of thinking about your customers you do what is best for your personale. Thanks for thinking about the customer and leaving her package on the front door of the projects in the South Bronx on the first attempt.

You should have attempted to delivery once and leave a door tag (purpose of use) to allow the recipient to pick up or be informed. Even perhaps work a little harder and attempt to redeliver again the following day.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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