I'm furious and extremely disappointed with the FedEx right now . Am I too smart for them or they're just ...whatever..., geez .

After I missed the first delivery from them , I called and told them to keep the package at their station so I can come to pick up the next day but they're failed 3 days in the roll .

Everyday they gave me the same answers : "the package's not here , my guys came to your house earlier but you're not home " . I didn't ask them to deliver , I ONLY ASK THEM TO KEEP THE PACKAGE AT THEIR STATION SO I CAN COME TO PICK UP .They're refused to understand me , dear Lord .

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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Did you ask for the package to be left with your neighbor?And also this is the oldest trick in the world,Someone STOLE IT.WTF.

i relate. i had a package that was left outside my door.

no one was home so they left it outside my door. not with the neighbor, outside my door! it was stolen because i dont have it!!!!! :cry :( :sigh .

who the f%^k hired these people?

everything delivered should be signed for, no matter what! how could they have done this???!!

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