I called customer service over 6 times to confirm if I was ok with picking up a package for my father who has medical condition that makes it difficult to travel. i had to go to the FedEx hub in Hagerstown, MD i drove an hour where i live to get it after confirming that many times that i can.

i went to pick up and first off the lady that answer the phone was extremely rude i was expressing how upset i was when i had to drove an hour and being told i cant when i was told i could. she continued yelling at me by saying ma'am stop screaming when i definitely wasn't and told me to stop talking and screaming. we wont get anywhere if your screaming. that only made me more angry.

I slammed the phone on the receiver then calls back with the manager the manger told me i cant pick up and said he has to be the one to pick up so I hung up on him called my dad and waited for 30 minutes for him to come and pick up. I left when he got there because we have a small business and I was already late opening our store. I'm extremely angry over the fact they lack compassion, and misformation and it not like this will be heard. people nor the company cares about people and the issues.

i would love to submit a complaint through corporate office but it be a waste of time because again people don't care anymore .

THE HUGE PROBLEM WAS THE LOCAL HUB'S PHONE NUMBER WAS DISCONNECTED!! i had no way of calling them directly except the fedex 800 customer service.

User's recommendation: dont waste your time.

Location: Waynesboro, Pennsylvania

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