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Package delivered today some time here in rural Southeast Alabama. Wife arrived home just prior to dark and found delivery left OUTSIDE our five feet high chain link fence where anybody could have stopped by and stolen it.

Weighed less than two pounds, not marked "fragile". How could anyone with more than two brain cells have considered it reasonable and safe left outside on a fairly busy rural highway? When I called FedEx complaint line and asked, "Can you give me an explanation?", over and over the representative would not respond to my question with anything but, "I'm sorry this happened.............blah, blah, blah". Eventually she realized I wanted to speak with a supervisor.

Frankly, she was unconcerned with the gist of the problem.

Finally I just gave in and hung up on her. Not our shipper now or later.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Delivery service, Customer service.

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Oh, I get it - you're a ***. Won't bother you any longer.

Houston, Texas, United States #917851

The starving children of the world feel your pain. As they go to sleep tonight with empty bellies, they will first say a prayer that this horrible situation of yours will be resolved.

Houston, Texas, United States #917711

You ordered something to be delivered to your home. The driver brought it to your home.

You have a high fence. The driver now is forced to choose: 1. Throw the package over the fence (not everything fragile is marked as such) and risk *** you off 2. Leave the package outside the fence and risk *** you off.

3. Do not leave the package and risk *** you off. 4. Stand around and wait for you to get home and risk *** off everybody else.

Here's a tip - no shipping company is going to do anything differently.

If the shipper does not require a signature then the driver will leave the package as close as he can to your door. You are whining about something that is your problem and your fault.

to quityerbichin Cottonwood, Alabama, United States #917775

You are OBVIOUSLY a company *** trained like a chimp to minimize damage when customers have the guts to expose the facts that FedEx does not want known to the public. Here's a tip for you.....get an education and learn to discover the facts prior to running your mouth and looking like an ***!

The package was sent by a friend who never would have guessed a box: !. Not marked FRAGILE 2. Made no noise indicating any breakable parts 3. Roughly 14" square 4.

Felt like at the most it might be a shirt or possibly a tie in the box 5. Delivered by an incompetent driver who could not even guess putting on the INSIDE of the fence would be safer.............might be stolen when left outside on a busy rural highway. UPS has NEVER EVER left any package outside our fence. Ditto for Post Office.

When they have a parcel or package too large for our mailbox, they don't leave it laying around. BTW your "high" fence comment; at only five feet, what's your next idiotic response, "Driver might have been a midget!" Your mindless post exposes you as another GED-educated driver wannabee. Yours is a pathetic attempt to blame the customer and you failed miserably. MY Problem and MY fault........hopefully this will be read by thousands, if not more.

Why don't you try convincing them of your "We need a good liar to save our rear end.

One who can spin ANYTHING & hopefully get a gullible public to believe it. One who ought to be in politics!"

to No Fedex For Us Houston, Texas, United States #917795

A crybaby will never understand nor take responsibility for their own actions. Your friend should have required a signature or you should have tracked your package and been home.

FedEx isn't your personal delivery people to work around your circumstances. Most adults know how to arrange for receipt of a parcel and most delivery companies give you options.

Now, aside from insults do you have any logical response? Because if your reply is an example of how dealt with FedEx, I can see why you have trouble.

to quityerbichin Lineville, Alabama, United States #917817

O. K., so now it is the fault of the person who sent the package.

Talking out of both sides of your mouth further exposes you as some loser hired by FedEx to cover their ***. Money poorly spent by them, judging from your double talk. Let's end this discussion on a civil note. That being, in your first response you said it was my fault.

In fact you were right, I had failed to tell all our friends and the however many that read this post "Don't Use FedEx if You Expect Competent Delivery Service!"

Most adults have the intelligence to realize people like you can do the same thing with their B.

S. story that you can do with a suppository.

YOU dig yourself deeper with every post you present.

to No Fedex For Us Houston, Texas, United States #917847

OK. Just search this site for complaints about all of the delivery services and see if switching will make any difference.

It won't because they all operate the same way. They expect people to take some responsibility in receiving their packages. The biggest complaint on all of them is that they leave packages in bad spots. As for FedEx employing me, apparently you haven't read many complaints here.

The first thing a poster does when disagreed with is to accuse the other person of being employed by the company. It is the height of arrogance to believe that the only way anybody could possibly disagree with you is that they work for the reported company. It is a weak and paranoid response.

So far you have offered no logical argument - just anger and indignation. What exactly should the driver have done?

to seriouslyquityerbichin Gadsden, Alabama, United States #917876

Final post regardless how people like you get involved in something that is supposedly none of your concern. You don't even acknowledge your obvious company oriented bias, starting with assessing blame.

Slightly under 2,000 complaints against FedEx where the public can make informed decisions without the input of your attempt to manipulate facts.

ALMOST 2,000 COMPLAINTS!!!!!!!! Read it and whine some more. How many times under different names have you labeled others as whiners?

"Logical" argument?

Keep in mind I had no idea any package had been sent to us from the beginning.

Answering your question or addressing any further remarks from you is a waste of time. Manipulator, *** man or whatever; one day you will be running for political office.

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