I ordered an item from a retailer, and according to FEDEX Tracking, the item was placed on the truck at 9am 8/18/12 for delivery. The truck was at the Brandywine, MD Fedex Terminal and was destined for my location in Waldorf, MD (less than 7 miles away). The item was scheduled for delivery by close of business 8/18/12.

I remained at my home then entire day until 6pm. I left to attend a scheduled commitment at 6pm and returned home at 10pm. Although I expected to see a door tag indicating that there was an attempt to deliver the package, THERE WAS NOTHING! My door is equipped with a doorbell with an intercom which is connected to a security system. At no time during the evening (8/18)and early morning hours of 8/19 did anyone activate the doorbell, intercom or security system. Yet, at 9am 8/19 a Fedex Door Tag mysteriously appeared on my door.

I then called Fedex about the situation, and was told that an attempt was made to deliver the

package at 11:30pm 8/18/12. In essence, the item was on the delivery truck for 14 1/2 hours to be delivered to me in Waldorf MD from Brandywine MD (less than 7 miles). This is the 3rd time that I have had this experience with FEDEX. As it stands now, I will have to wait until Wednesday 8/22/12 to pick up my package from the Fedex facility in Waldorf. Reason: Fedex is closed on Mondays, item must be transported to the Waldorf facility on Tuesday 8/21 from Brandywine by close of business.

If Fedex and UPS are the only options to our antiquated postal system, this country is in deep trouble. I placed a formal complaint about my situation to Fedex, but I don't expect any response. They probably return telephone calls like they deliver packages.

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The service provided by Fedex has precipitously declined in about the last 2 years. Prior to that, they were pretty reliable, but they are terrible now.

You are lucky if a package gets delivered on time. I would say that lately, I might get 50% delivered on time, and that's pretty pitiful. You get every excuse from bad weather, plane problems, mis-routed, mis-sorted and most recent one I can't even figure out what the heck happened. Somehow the plane never made it out of the city it was being shipped from.

It's really shameful. I hope that the UPS and the usps puts them out of business. With service this bad, they need to go down just like DHL. Their days of cornering the courier market will soon be over.

Use UPS or usps and avoid Fedex whenever you can. Using them is just an exercise in futility anymore.


my comments are being deleted! FED-Ex are not delivering packages and claiming you are not there.


requested formal complaint. got call back and they requested if I had now received my package.

when I responded that I had they told me they were closing out my complaint. the driver had not tripped my location and the terminal manager was covering up the fraudulent delivery and even with their complaint department on line changed the tracking information. ( I printed out the changes in their delivery tracking form.) when I called to complain @ 9:40 something there was no explaination .

While I was on line the next morning they inserted " CUSTOMER NOT AVAILABLE OR BUSINESS CLOSED". this is a residence not only were we home my wife was working in the front yard since 6:30 am .


caught FED-EX lying about attempting to deliver packages. The terminal manager even changed the posted tracking information while I had the complaint department on the line with him/her.


gave details on my complaint and could not subnit,

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