i get sick of people thinking they are the only people that get deliveries, just because fedex weather codes a packages, did you ever think its stuck in another part of the country? if it makes it here fedex could be way behind, also people dont realize not all fedex is company owned, the more you all complain, the more money they take out of contractors pocket, i admit not all drivers are good but some of the reasons people complain about is *** to try to get something free, life is not perfect, so give them a break, they have more stress than you think, unlike ups ,no overtime and they are not done till last package is delivered...

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Murphy, North Carolina, United States #664742

I can only speak for myself... my experience with Fed ex has not been good at all.

Most recently, I had ordered a phone to be delivered overnight priority 2 days ago. I didn't get pissed when the delivery wasn't made yesterday. Today it showed that it would be delivered by 4:30pm today, but nothing came by 8pm. When I tracked it again it was back at the facility.

I called customer service and was told that the driver failed to deliver it because he ran out of time....REALLY? Can i use that excuse at my job and still get paid..."Sorry boss, i failed to meet my quota because I ran out of time.". The CS told me the next delivery day is Monday (3 days away) and I could come and pick up the package myself.

I live in the mountains and the Fed ex place is 2 hours away from me...are they gonna pay for my gas? I am so done with them!


I believe that the drivers are paid for every attempt. I have NEVER received a package from Fedex that was not the third and final attempt.

I always get UPS packages on the FIRST attempt. Fedex sucks.

to Lies Collierville, Tennessee, United States #667990

They do not get paid for every attempt. you really think drivers want to stop at the same house for the same package 3 days in a row?

NOT! i work for fedex and trust me, these drivers are pissed when they come back with packages.

and it hurts our service rating too which means less $. FEDEX delivers between 10-20 million pkgs a day, i dont think 1000 complaints on this *** site is going hurt them!

to S0_Sad #632661

Hopefully you ACTUALLY deliver your packages instead of driving by the residence, not ringing the door bell and not leaving a note, when the recipient is at home and waiting for their package. This continuously happens to me and my neighbors with FedEx.

Drivers will claim a delivery exception without any actual delivery attempt while a recipient is WAITING OUTSIDE at the very time they claim they made said attempt.

Maybe you're not one of these lazy imbeciles, but plenty are. Deal with it.

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