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I paid $1'500 US for a Kids charity items worth no more then $600 Au at best, a signed book and T shirt, in which I will give to another charity in AU. This was pulled up by the Fedex Broker Gustavo Olivera in Sydney who insisted I give him the authority to clear the goods without giving me an idea on cost, I refused so he advised me my goods will be sent back to sender in 5 days.

I then called a friend who imports who advised me the goods in question are free of duty based on the USA - AU trade agreement, he also gave me a link to show the cost can be based on real cost or similar items, see link

( There are six valuation methods in section 159 (10) of the Customs Act 1901. Apart from the Transaction Value method (above) the other methods are Identical Goods, Similar Goods, Deductive, Computed and Fall-back. Refer to the Customs Act 1901 for how each method may be applied. )

He advised me this was more about Gus - Fedex making additional fees to clear the goods, I then sent Gus from Fedex this info and advised him I am happy to take the risk on any fines based on this information.

In my shock Gus refused, he advised I need to pay just over $400 Au or he will return the goods back to sender. I explained at least 5 times the situation with how you pay well over the cost as its for charity, Guy advice was he did not care and bad luck. I find it quite sad how Fedex has got this greedy for the sake of making some extra fees and employee could be sold cold. The sad part is Gus knows I can do nothing about it and no one in Fedex cares, just too big.

I just hope this post gets seen by a lot of people, and if you intend to ship items please remember this post and Avoid this greedy company. Thanks You Danny

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Do the right thing and put in the real value and not what Gus thinks.

I didn't like: Incompotent employees, Gustavo olivera.

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Read and understand the customs act. Duty and taxes are assessed by the Australian government based on transaction value where there is one. To not use the transaction value in your instance is illegal!

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