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I just completed a course at a biological laboratory and logged into the FedEx site with my username and password to create shipping labels for twelve packages. To generate these labels I had to enter where they were shipping from. Now, while waiting to catch my plane home, the lab calls to tell me I have to schedule a pickup. The regular FedEx guy, "doesn't do ground". So despite the fact I generated twelve labels with a ship date and address I needed to take the additional step of scheduling??? The website never once told me that. Does the regular FedEx guy hit a button on his scanner to alert HQ that there is a mountain of business waiting to go??? No. So while boarding I call FedEx to schedule the pickup, but nobody will do anything unless I know my account number. I don't know it; I know my username and password, but that's not enough. They want to look up my account based on the phone number associated with it. I am one guy in a company of a couple thousand with seven offices in the US; I have no clue which number the account is registered to. They won't take my word that there are packages ready or even bother to ask where. They fixated on this *** account number when in fact I have clearly entered into their website, twelve times, exactly where packages are shipping from. How many hoops do I have to leap through??? Why couldn't they say when I generated these labels, "call to schedule pickup"? So the plane ***. I pay $16+ on US Air to get wifi and I log in and schedule. I've Friday, today, is greed out and the next date is Monday. I reluctantly choose Monday. The site then tells me I can't ship on a holiday, Memorial Day, so I have to pick Tuesday. That is a five day delay that didn't have to happen. I am livid!!!!!! Here are solutions if anybody at FedEx HQ cares:

1. When a shipping label is generated assume a package needs picking up

2. If a pickup needs to be scheduled say so on the web site when the label is made!!

3. If a panicky customer calls in just ask where the items are and don't focus on trivia

4. Have it so if the Express guy scans a ground package it alerts the mothership that a Ground truck needs to be dispatched.

I would have shipped thirteen packages, but FedEx lost one. It had ~$14,000 worth of equipment in it that I really really needed, but that's a different complaint...

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Account.

Monetary Loss: $14000.

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Ground vans r overloaded already! FedEx profits only a few billion dollars each quarter so good software is out of the question!


1. That's not how it works.

What if you printed the label but didn't put the packages together to ship for a few hours or even the next day? They can't just have someone show up with no confirmation that the packages are ready.

2. Can't argue with you there.

3. They can't just take the address, the acct number assures FedEx that you've paid for your packages to be shipped.

4. Express and Ground are two totally different operations. Their powerpads are not connected at all. Express doesn't take ground packages, nothing else to it.

If you print labels and pay for Ground shipping, it's in no way the responsibility of the Express guy to take them. There is no FedEx "HQ", there is an Express station and a Ground station.

Totally different.

And FYI- Express is paid hourly, Ground is paid per stop. If Express couriers took all of the Ground packages they came across, they are essentially "stealing" pay from the Ground driver.

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