I've never had an issue with FedEx until now... only because they hand over their stuff to USPS, who then does things the right way.

Instead, this package I received yesterday somehow got stuck with FedEx. I was out of my apartment when I got a call from the FedEx guy. He said that he left my package in another apartment because I wasn't there. Don't they make more than one attempts to deliver if you're not home?

I do not know the neighbor he left my package with. I did not tell FedEx to leave it elsewhere if I'm not home. It's not fair to my neighbor, who now has a responsibility over someone else's property. The neighbor could have just decided to open the package and keep it! Whatever else it could've turned out to be, the delivery guy doesn't care because the consequences won't affect him. I hope karma comes to him sooner than later.

(Thankfully the neighbor was nice, and not a thief, and I got my package safely.)

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