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I was charged for $12.00 for ground shipment to just 20 miles away, and tried to get refund for it at a local Fedex office.

One of the clark told me to call fedex 800 number to cancel the shipment and get a refund. I asked the lazy worker in Long Beach CA to call it and cancel on behalf of me. I thought I can get a refund on the same day, but I was totally wrong. The lazy worker told me to call Fedex, but it was closed on weekend.

I called them on Monday, and I was told that I will not be get charged for it since they can not locate the tracking number, but then I found out that I was charged for it for sure checking my online banking.

I called Fedex the next time, and I was told that I have to fill out the refund form and mail or fax it back to them in order to get a refund. This is the most ridiculous company I have ever dealt with. I have to spend extra cash (postage or fax) in order for me to get my refund. I talked to two idiotic supervisors but it was no avail. They repeated the same policy for 30 times.

I will never use this company again, except for when online retailers use it for shipping ground and when I have no control over it.

Another compalints to Fedex is that when online retailers use Fedex ground home delivery despite the fact that I used my company address for delivery, Fedex stupidly always tried to deliver the package on weekend, and I had to call fedex that it is a company address and it is not open on weekends. I never had a problem with UPS. UPS knows it is a company address and it never tried to deliver packges on weekends. Fedex is simply a disgrace.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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Maybe my statetment is not clear for you, or you are the one who is clueless as to what I said.

I chose Fedex for ground shipment because I thought it will be cheaper to ship. Then at the register I was told that I was charged for $12.00 for just 20 miles away destination. I cancelled the shipment and tried to get a refund, it turned out that I had to fill out the refund form to get a refund, and it takes 4-6 weeks.

The other complaint was about Fedex home delivery, which has nothing to do with the refund problem above. When online retailer chose to ship my packages via Fedex home delivery, Fedex assumed it was a home NOT a company despite the fact that I specified my company address for the delivery. It was partially online retailer who chose Fedex home delivery ignoring my shipping address, but if it were UPS, it would not try to deliver it on weekends. Everytime that happended, I had to call Fedex and explained for the time frame of the delivery, because after a few attemps of delivery, it will be shipped back to the sender.


Henry001, sorry to hear about your issues with FedEx: I feel your pain. And it's your critic whose statement makes no sense: the issue is that this customer was told he would not be charged for a delivery, but then he *was* charged for said delivery.

This is simply poor management, which is very much a problem with FedEx. Also, Henry001 makes clear that he did NOT want weekend delivery, so I doubt that he is paying the extra charge for something that he has explicitly told FedEx that he did not want.

My advice: absorb the postage costs and get your refund. It's worth it to make FedEx pay for their screw ups...maybe one day they will decide to stop making excuses and start getting the job done...


Henrey001- your statement makes no sense, you ordered a product from company (X) and they choose FedEx to ship your product and now your upset because your shipping rate is to expensive for you. This is NOT a problem with FedEx, its a problem with you not reading the shipping policy's of the company you purchased the product from.

FedEx like UPS had Saturday delivery, if you want something delivered on the weekend it costs more money.

UR Clueless!!!

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