I am moving from WV to CA, I have some big boxes shipped through FedEx ground, so I can have something to use before the moving company deliver my rest stuff. Anyhow, I brought my big boxes to the local office to have them measured, and weighted on the scale.

They printed me the receipts which show the weight and how much cost me. Few days later, I am in CA my new house, I got phone call from my WV neighbor, told me there is a big box lay on my front porch from FedEx, the lable says it can't be shipped because over weight.I looked my receipt, 115lbs and $180. It was not overweight. I called 1-800 , they said the local office did not measure right, it was 178lb instead of 115lbs.

I told them it is understandable if it is 10 lbs off, not63lbs, and I am almost 3000 miles away, they should hornor the receipt they gave to me and ship my box. . It really is not my fault, because I could take some of those stuff off my shippment to go with my moving truck if I knew it willnot be shipped dueto overweight . And there is nothing I can do now.

The lady on the phone said, those are ground fedex problem, my option is pay fedex freight to have it shipped and that will cost me more than doubled cost or not have it shipped.

They are put me in a position that pay them outrageous money or through my stuff away, they are theft.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #850891

It's not your fault a 178lbs box weighs 178lbs? I'd like to know who's fault it is.

The guy at Weights and Measures? Box gremlins?

Your receipt said 118lbs. That is the weight of the box you should have given Fedex.


It is you who is dishonest and a thief if you are trying to take advantage of their mistake. Did your parents not teach you better?

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