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I received my first home direct order of Shakeology, a health shake (food product, clearly marked on the box) at my new residence 2 weeks ago. The driver left the package next to a 100+lb black lab.

The dog, naturally, chewed up EVERYTHING. $100.00 worth of product (product that I had intended on returning to the company as I could not afford it at the moment after just having moved). I filed a claim immediately, was told I would receive paperwork in the mail in 2-5 days. Spoke to the area manager who assured me if I called the 800 number it would be taken care of, so I did.

I was to leave the package for it to be picked up by and returned to Fed Ex. The SAME driver went to the back door, AGAIN, despite my specific instructions on my account to pick it up inside the front door. This was a Saturday, so of course I got a note saying HI fed ex was here blah blah blah. I called the 800 number to double check that I had given instructions on where to pick up the package and sure enough I did give them.

It was finally picked up on Tuesday. So today, I called them to see what was going on as I have been waiting for this mail. Come to find out, my claim was denied and they are not liable. No one notified me of my denied claim.

I was transferred to some woman named Linda Neal who I asked to speak with someone above her or someone local to which she replied there was nothing anyone else could do other than my shipper. I explained firmly that the shipper was NOT at fault, the driver with no common sense was. She refused to give me any phone numbers to contact anyone else and kept telling me to refer to my shipper. She refused to let me speak to a supervisor.

I hung up on her because i was so mad. THANKFULLY Beachbody is a WAY better company than Fed Ex because they ARE sending me a new package. I am praying that the same *** does not go against my instructions AGAIN and leaves it next to the dog. I hope Beachbody goes after Fed Ex for the $100 they had to reimburse me.

On another note, my boyfriend watched this same driver deliver my future baby's crib.

He ROLLED IT down the drive way. He was in a Budget truck (how professional) and didn't use a hand truck or anything to transport the heavy package. I have yet to open it as we are staying with my parents after just moving to this state until we have the means to get our own place. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they did not damage my crib, we obviously can't put it together yet.

NEVER NEVER NEVER give Fed Ex the chance to ruin your day, because I can assure you THEY WILL. They obviously don't train their drivers well at all and don't know squat about making a customer happy.

Use USPS, UPS, whatever else there is. Don't trust this company they ARE HORRIBLE!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Bloomfield, New Jersey, United States #995434

I understand that this fedex driver was bad but you can't just blame the conpny where I live the ups and USPS drivers are real *** the only people who are nice is the FedEx diver mostly the home delivery last December some one stole my cretitcard and was using and actually sending things To me sopositly to through off the cretitcard companys so I was getting a ton of silly PAKAGES so my USPS diver one day when I wanted to reject something sayed"do you want me to never deliver things here agin" in a nasty pised off voce and my ups driver actually called his supervisor to have him tell mpe that i have to take the pakages that were on the truck the supervisor told him that if I did not want to take them then I don't have to.the only person that sounded cersernd and was nice was the FedEx home delivarys driver and the freight guy was nice be he only came once but can you see you can't just blame the inter compony becase of one jirk and we can relate because 2 of three shiping company guys of mine are jerks.

Houston, Texas, United States #945473

Maybe FedEx shouldn't deliver to trash in Bushkill PA anymore. Problem solved. You probably ordered the junk with a stolen credit card anyway.

to Anonymous Dandridge, Tennessee, United States #1192019

Wow. You are only proving yourself to have a personality made trash with that comment. :/ Judgemental much?

Tampa, Florida, United States #814297

Ok, wait. You were going to return the product because you couldn't afford it, but then you say beachbody is sending you a new one? And a refund?

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #804541

FedEx Ground drivers own their own trucks. Occasionally they breakdown and they have to rent a truck to run the route.

Doing whatever it takes to get the packages delivered is the professional thing to do. It would be unprofessional to not deliver the packages because of a breakdown.

to Anonymous Bushkill, Pennsylvania, United States #804567

Understandable! He better get his truck fixed if that's the case since every time this guy has delivered something (weeks in between) he's shown up in a Budget truck.

Sure was professional when he ROLLED my large boxed crib from end to end down a 20ft cement driveway too, vs. using a hand truck.

to Anonymous Bloomfield, New Jersey, United States #995435

Thay don't own there truck fedex will give holiday employees a rental truck because fedex dose not have enof I have seen fedex exsspress guys using budget trucks also USPS give their holiday enployies uhal trucks


How the f.uck was the driver supposed to know there was a dog?

to LouSkunt69 Bushkill, Pennsylvania, United States #804564

Gee, idk. Maybe seeing its 130lbs of flesh could have tipped him off? His leash is only a few feet long, afterall.

Titusville, Florida, United States #804344

Or you could tie up the dog or make arrangements yourself to not have the dog in a position where he can chew packages. Or train the dog not to chew packages. Why is it Fedex's fault when it's YOUR dog chewing on YOUR packages?

to Anonymous Bushkill, Pennsylvania, United States #804562

The dog WAS on a leash, he WAS outside when he left the package, and he is NOT my dog, he is my parent's. Regardless of the dog's training, when you are in the home delivey business you have to expect the unexpected.

As a company they cannot say what is right or wrong on a person's property. Furthermore, i am more upset at the fact that i was not notified of anything new pertaining to my claim, and the fact that they didn't seem to give a *** on the phone that i was unhappy. I would expect a level of common sense, as i would not leave a box that says 'The healthiest MEAL of the day" right next to an animal.

Thankfully the dog is OK!! Your criticism of my situation is GREATLY appreciated, by the way.

to Anonymous #880919

I wish the dog would have bit him. Maybe it would knock some since into those pathetic, *** fedex employees, but then again I am glad that did not happen, because you would have had to put down an animal more intelligent than the one who got bit.

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