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I had a package sent from the US to Shanghai. First sign of problems was when FedEx delayed customs process until I called them and told them to pay the $30 customs.

They then were supposed to deliver the box to the Kerry Hotel, Pudong. I then checked online to see where the package was. The first reason for non delivery was stated as "wrong address". I called and asked what address they had on the box.

At first the lady said that my name was incomplete. She then said it was correct. I then mentioned that the address was in fact correct. She then changed the reason for no delivery, stating that the hotel refused to accept the package.

This was not true. I has the hotel all ready to accept it. The lady then said it was because the hotel refused to reimburse for the customs duties. I then said they needed to deliver the package the next morning.

Yes - of course. Top priority. Well that of course did not happen. They then tried to suggest that they did try to deliver it.

When I asked "when", the story switched. At the end of the day, the package was too late to be delivered. I have told the hotel to reject the package and have approached US FedEx to ask them to fix the situation. Either forward the package on to me, or return it to the sender and refund my money.

China FedEx is horrible.

Lies sprout up as easily as bad smells in a Beijing alley. I will never send anything via FedEx to China again.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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I had a similar experience sending a International Priority envelop to Changsha, China. The package arrived on a Friday morning and was not delivered due to "business closed," which is not true because my recipient was waiting for the package that day in their residence.

On Monday, it's a national holiday.

Then on Tuesday, it's not delivered either because of "incorrect address, " which is again not true because the recipient's address is correct and is actually a pretty well-known location. When I called the FedEX US 800 customer service number to inquire about the latest status, the representative was not polite and lied to me that Tuesday was a national holiday in China, which is a blatant lie.

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