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In one month have tree horrible delivery from FedEx. Very disappointed as always thought it is a good company.

Furthermore, one package is lost and after I file claim, I received the letter that they can't honor my claim. Next package I ordered with signature request, I was waiting home all day: no body ring the bell, no body ask for signature just let package downstairs. Next package, I am waiting at home all day checking online delivery and waiting for my bell ring... Guess what after I just seen online message that package was delivered I go downstairs and find my package just outside ($700 value)...


Who are those people working with FedEx now?

What kind of serves it is?

Monetary Loss: $714.

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First, learn how to spell. Second, drivers do not know what is in the packages, so if signature is not required the package gets left. Third, your butt plugs u ordered are not worth $700.

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